10 Reasons to Choose ACES

Our long experience in the field of cathodic protection has allowed us to determine with certainty that the use of ACES on each type of tank allows to multiply its life by at least 10 times; in over 20 years of experience we have never suffered complaints or returns of our appliance due to malfunction, having always guaranteed the protection of the tanks treated. 

Unlike traditional Magnesium anodes, those in Titanium don’t release deposits on the bottom of the tank, factor that favours the development of Legionella bacteria. 

The installation of ACES device allows the user to save time and money for the routine maintenance of their tank. By checking that the green LED on the ACES box is on at the time of installation, you will no longer have to periodically check the operation of the device, and the costs of regular maintenance will be drastically reduced. 

Normally, the magnesium anode must be changed approximately every 2 years, resulting in a plumber’s call, tank emptying costs and a call: 

using ACES, tank protection will be guaranteed thanks to the best technology on the market. 

The periodic updates carried out on the electronic circuit, the result of years of research in our laboratories, have allowed us to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of our product. 

ACES has been designed, tested, patented and produced entirely in Italy, in particular in the Modena area, relying on the quality and knowledge of people competent in electrochemical and electronic fields, using the most reliable and innovative materials, drawing on cutting-edge electronics that are constantly updated every year in order to place increasingly reliable products on the market. 

The experience gained in the field and MG ANODI’s predisposition to spread a product suitable for everyone on the market, gives customers the opportunity to request a personalized study for each tank, from domestic boilers to large industrial plants. MG ANODI will carry out a customized study to guarantee the most suitable technical protection for the treated tank. In tanks of over 1,000 liters there is also the possibility of using ACES with a single-pole cable that allows the connection of 2 anodes, in relation to the capacity of the storage tank. From small civil tanks to very large industrial tanks. 

For over 20 years ACES has been protecting sanitary water tanks, acquiring an ever-higher market share at European and world level; its flexibility, attention to energy saving, technical evolution, have allowed ACES to be highly appreciated beyond the Italian borders, spreading more and more in Europe and in emerging markets such as India and the Middle East. 

ACES is a product certified by the best bodies and tested for several years in the most diverse situations 

It can be installed with the same simplicity of a magnesium anode and a colored LED allows you to easily check correct operation at any time. 

MG ANODI makes use of the best partners for the supply of electronic components. 

The titanium anode in the purest grade is designed using safe and reliable materials