What is the ACES System

ACES is an electronic device covered by European Patent, with advanced automatic operating logic which, by means of a titanium anode, transmits a current impressed on the water, thus bringing the tank to the protection potential. 

The presence of this potential prevents ionic migration from the tank structure and, also through the creation of a carbonate deposit, protects the enamel and stainless steel of the hot water tanks. The reference standard is DIN 4753 part 3. 

ACES (H / Hn and G2 / Gn) combined with the titanium anode (MMO coating) provides lifetime corrosion protection of hot water storage tanks. 

It is not a conventional protection system

The classic and widespread protection system for water heaters and storage tanks consists of an internal tank lining combined with the use of Magnesium anodes. Passive protection with internal coating is unreliable because defects in the coating compromise the effectiveness of the protection, even if they fall within the maximum limit allowed by DIN 4753 part 3 (7 cm²/m²). 

How it's done


Electronic device


compatible with any anode




Titanium (MMO coating)

New ACES Gn / Hn systems

In addition to a notable design restyling, this new electronic system has been designed to be incorporated directly into the control panels.

Compared to our traditional electronic anode, this new variant is oriented towards versatility, being composed of detachable components such as the power supply and the anode connection cable.

To respond to the continuous changes in the market, we have launched a latest generation electronic product that allows total control of the system, such as the verification through a simple signal of the count of the time worked by our device, the definitive tool to preserve the guarantee of the tanks.

It differs from the previous version for a very small size, aimed at easier placement near or inside the treated tank.

Available with mounting plate

Thanks to the new updates,
the ACES Gn / Hn system


This is the classic ACES anti-corrosion version, universally appreciated by our customers for over 20 years. 

It consists of a single block that encloses the electronic circuit, subject of a European Patent, and the relative transformer. A led will allow simple monitoring of the operating status. 

The characteristics of ACES

Extends the useful life of the tanks by 10 or 15 times and reduces the cost of periodic services required for the replacement of conventional magnesium anodes.

It is environmentally friendly and suitable for use with any type of domestic or industrial tank.

It is certified by the best accreditation organizations and has been tried and tested for many years in the widest range of applications. The device, which can be easily mounted like a conventional magnesium anode, is equipped with a colored LED so that correct operation can be checked at any time.

Simple assembly
Minimal maintenance

Installing ACES is very simple and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. ACES doesn’t need periodic checks and replacements, thus reducing the management costs borne by the end user. 

Consult the installation guide in the download area