Customers’ satisfaction and success are MG.ANODI International Ad main goals that the company endeavours to achieve through quality, technological innovation and the continuous improvement of its services.

The primary instrument to achieve increasingly better quality is the Company Quality System that is in full compliance with the provisions of norm UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

The Management has committed itself to guarantee that all employees implement and respect the procedures described in the Company’s Quality Manual . It is also engaged in making sure that adequate resources are available so that everybody can carry out their tasks under the best possible conditions.

Chemical tests

The main instrument is an ARL optical emission spectrometer
For the calibration of which only certified and traceable standards are used.

With this tool we carry out the chemical analyzes on

– AZ63, AZ91 and AZ31 ingots
upon entering the warehouse, the ingots are randomly picked from the stacks and tested to verify that they correspond to the minimum requirements.

– Melting furnaces
once per shift from each melting furnace a sample representative of the melting in progress is taken and tested.

– Finished anodes
Samples are taken from each lot, randomly and verified that the main elements and impurities are within the limits of the reference standards

All analyzes must meet EN 12438 and ASTM B843 standards

Electrochemical tests

Electrochemical tests are routinely performed on samples randomly selected from production as a standard quality assurance procedure.

Tests consist of

Weight Loss Test
Potential test
Potential test and total charge in Ah for anodes used in underground applications

Reference standards used for the TESTS:

EN 12438
ISO 26202
G97 various revisions