Frequently asked questions about ACES

Yes, ACES is an automatic system that adapts to any type of tank and water heater. A suitably sized titanium anode will be supplied to guarantee the protection of the treated products. 

Yes, installation is simple and very quick. Each ACES will be supplied with its own manuals inside the package. It is also possible to download the installation document from the download section. 

Yes, it is possible to mount ACES on a used water heater. Obviously, our product must be installed before there is a corrosive process taking place. 

Maintenance is minimal, there is no need to change the anode periodically like the traditional magnesium one. It will be sufficient to check the ACES LED signal which will indicate its operating status. 

By its nature, the titanium anode is not subject to wear, therefore it can be used for the entire useful life of the tank.